Jan Sledz
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Two video projections 16:9, 20 mins, variable sizes, 2004

The video projection "Forest" is an examination of the search for artistic identity. As a metaphor, the forest opens up a resonant and associative space for the insecurity and lack of focus experienced while searching for a clear expression of one's own artistic position.

In consequence, I tried to find that focus by using the strategy of covering or packaging as a way of making things even more visible. The forest chosen for the work consists of a part of wood of utilizable timber, strictly order after afforestation, which is contrasted by a part of wood growing wild, where this order is dissolved through natural processes. This beginning overgrowth is indicated by fallen and unmoved trees.

I have covered one of these trees in the monotonously afforrested part of the wood with coloured tarpaulin. The perspective of the parallel tracking shot conveys a distanced and analytic point of view. In contrast, the second projection shows a drive into the forest and thereby visualizes the entrance to the forest and its associative space.

Videostills, Photos of the covered tree
Still 1 Still 2 Ansicht 1 Ansicht 2